Features & Benefits

Unique 'Bumb-Free' Pulley System
A patented 'Bumb-Free' sliding system which ensures smooth silent operation and prevents the clunking of
the panel when opening and closing.


'Anti-Jump' Head Track
Anti-jump hanging track design with special locking system ensures all sliding doors stay on track. Diagonal slots on top rail allow adjustment of door panel for perfect alignment and trouble free sliding.

Full length Grip Handle
Integrated inner and outer full-length grip handle are featured on all leading door panel offering easy access for all members of the family.

Maintenance Free & Easy Cleaning
The smooth contoured shapes of the trackless sill together with the interlocking components for the sliding doors are specially designed to minimize soap accumulation and reduce the need for cleaning.

Quality Components
All components and design features are combined to provide smooth and trouble free operation.

Contoured Profiles
All head capping, return jambs, angle jambs and sill reflect the latest in contoured design for aesthetics, safety and easy cleaning.

Panel & Glass Selection

Polystyrene Panel & Glass

Frame Color Configuration

Please note that the website may not reproduce the actual dpth, vibrancy and tones of the actual products.
Consult your distributor for final selection.